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Creative Spirit
Eco Tours
200 Morgan Drive
Barrows, Manitoba Canada R0L-0B0
Tours Available Fees for Service - are in Canadian Dollars
1. Educational Hiking Tours $25.00 per person
For more information on Tours
phone 204-545-6215
2. Making your own Natural Willow Wreath $25.00 per person
3. Make your own Unique Natural Diamond Willow Hiking/Walking Stick $50.00 per person
4. Gathering from the Wild your own Fresh Fiddle Heads $25.00 per person
5. Birch Bark Biting $25.00 per person
6. Tapping birch rates $15.00 per person
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* Rates for 2011*

Cabin Rental Rates
Single/Double - $45.00, additional $15.00 per person up to 6 per day
Camping rates per night
Tent - $7.00
RV UN-Serviced - $10.00
RV Serviced - $20.00

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Submit 50% of cost to pre-book 2-3 weeks prior to date (Non Refundable) Mail to the above address. MasterCard, Visa or Money Order Payable to;
Creative Spirit
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Things to bring:
Personal items:
Good hiking boots
Bug Spray
Refreshments, Food
Creative Imagination

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